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                                       A Scientific Look At Aliens and Demons
O.K. Let's Leave Science Out Of This

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I have spent my whole life in one way or another involved with the paranormal. It all started as far back as I can remember. By the time I was able to speak I already had years of horrible nightmares under my belt. Throughout my childhood my parents would always tell me it's only a dream and those voices you hear are beautiful little  angels trying to help you go to sleep. Then one day in 1964 I had a visitor. I can remember that morning as if it just happened yesterday . It was 6:00 a.m. and the sun was just coming up when all of a sudden something peered around the doorway of my room. My father was no more then maybe a dozen feet away from me in the bathroom. I tried so hard to scream, but was so frightened by what I was seeing all that I could muster was a silent scream. At first it was peering around the doorway, but then it stepped fully into the room within feet of my bed.  This story will be continued on our new website.Coming Soon.

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The Yaples story has played on A Haunting, The Haunted and The Haunted Collector.

         My Little Terror

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                     An Evening of Horror

Join us on Saturday evening Nov 14th from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. in Enfield, CT.  Don't miss this one time event with the Yaple family and Special Guest Bob Baker for an evening of horror as they open their home for the first time since the horrific haunting that took place back in 2006. The Yaple's will give a first hand account of how a demon almost destroyed they're family and the lives of all those who tried to help them. Bob Baker who was the lead investigator on the Yaple's case will spend the evening with you describing his personnel battle with evil. Cost is $15.00 per person. No one under 18 years of age. Call 860-698-9535 to reserve your place. Only a very limited number of tickets will be sold.  Bob Baker will raffle off two paranormal t-shirts to some lucky winner.

SORRY. Our evening of horror has been postponed due to illness. We will
post a new date when it becomes available.