A Haunting In Enfield

This episode of Animal Planet's The Haunted finds us in Enfield, CT going up against a demon that was tormenting a family who's 1800's home is in an old mill community. We brought in the best the paranormal field has to offer to battle this entity. This is one case we're sure is not over.
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Relative Evil

Our 2nd episode on Animal Planets The Haunted finds us helping a family in Oakville, CT where they claim to have a dark entity tormenting them in their home. Some believe this being to be a sinister relative who practiced devil worship coming back from the grave. See what happens to us and the family.


                                  Types Of Hauntings

Residual Haunting 

A residual haunting is the most common form. Believed to be an imprint in time this spirit energy plays itself out again and again. It may happen once a day, once a week or once every 100 years. A person may hear footsteps, hear sounds and see ghostly images. This type of haunting is frequently confused with intelligent hauntings. Could it be energy trapped in time from a traumatic event or is it a spirit performing the same repetitive action day after day. No one really knows. Not unlike a tape player the energy is stored in the fabric of time.

Intelligent Hauntings

This type of haunting is what most people think of when they hear the word ghost. This spirit energy can interact with humans. Although fairly rare,the common belief is that a soul has not crossed over usually due to a traumatic event here on earth. A murder, car accident or just unfinished business is believed to keep a person's soul here on earth until they have come to terms with what is holding them here. This type of spirit energy can also manipulate small objects.

Portal Hauntings

A Portal Haunting is the the term used usually when your dealing with negative type spirits. Although very controversal and the most overused word by psychic's and medium's it seems there may be some merit to the concept. Many times when a person is believed to be under the influence of a demonic or in-human spirit sometimes they will see multiple spirits of all shapes and sizes including negative and human spirits. It is believed the portal is the space in time that these spirits travel through.


Some believe a Poltergeist type spirit is a demon that has failed it's mission here on earth and is now destined to be forever insane. Whatever the story might be this is one situation you never want to be in. This type of spirit is extremely difficult if not impossible to get rid of. There will usually be a teenage girl involved or someone that is going through an extremely stressful time in their life. It seems these beings are somehow able to unknowingly use that person as a host to do their dirty work. In this type of haunting physical manipulation of objects large and small can occur. People have also been reported to have been attacked by these spirits.


A coward at best a demon is a rarely seen entity that hides in the shadows looking for that easy target such as a child or elderly person to attach itself to. These beings can infiltrate a family and be there for years before being detected. Their intent is to harm and create chaos within the family. Although rare a person can be possessed by a demon. They are extremely difficult to get rid of. Even with religious intervention it is next to impossible to completely exorcise them. Many times they seem to be gone, but are really still there waiting to return sometimes years later.

                               Hell House  
     The house above was featured on an episode of  A
Haunting in 2006. The Beckwith family was tormented by what seemed to be an in-human entity that forced them to leave their home leaving behind many of their belongings. The home has been for sale for years with no takers. We were contacted by the original homeowners who had owned the home for 150 years before the Beckwith's had moved in. We were asked to go in and perform a blessing on the home. The family thought their deceased father's soul was trapped there by the evil that was in the home. The full story of our experience and how we were confronted by this demon will be posted soon.
                               Demon House

The Yaple family has endured years of torment by a demon that so far has been impossible to rid from the home. We have brought out the best in the field to try and exorcise this demon from the home and even though we have suceeded in bringing them periods of tranquility this entity keeps coming back. We have found over the years that we are able to weaken these demons through religious practices, but in the long run they will usually return at some point. The lesson to be learned by anyone who thinks this is a joke is don't mess with this world. Some out there think they know the secret in how to control a demon or they play around with a Ouija Board thinking it's a game. Once the attachment begins chances are it will be a life long ordeal. Some have this happen to them by accident like the Yaples, however the majority of people bring it on themselves and that's when we get the call. 
Our new show called My Little Terror produced by Leftfield Pictures and The Biography 
received very high ratings. 
We showed what happens to children in the aftermath of paranormal activity within the home. Some of these children display amazing abilities to adapt and somehow thrive in an enviroment where most would think otherwise. After years of working with families who've had paranormal problems we are being brought in as experts to help define for the viewer how these children manage to cope under such extraordinary circumstances. Again the name of the show is My Little Terror. The episode is Double Double Twins In Trouble. It aired on Nov 1st so watch for the re-runs.
                                                                 AOL'S "You've Got"

We finished filming a segment of AOL'S "You've Got" recently which will show on AOL's home page . This was a collaboration between CT Paranormal, AOL, Discovery Channel and Destination America. We were able to pitch our new show A Nightmare In Bridgeport on Destination America's A Haunting. During the interview AOL will be showing some clips from the show . We look forward to working on other projects with the Discovery Channel in the future. The link to see You've Got on AOL is CLICK HERE
Watch "A Nightmare In Bridgeport" on You Tube 
                      A Nightmare In Bridgeport

It's been a year since we filmed our show and my childhood home still sits empty. The chairs still
sit in the same place they were in when we were attacked by that evil demon who still resides there.

We still receive daily e-mails from people offering their help. Even though it has been somewhat
quieter at times the one time I went over there to see what was going on I was attacked yet again.
Our show focused
on what it was like for me growing up with an inhuman entity in our home.
You will see how this negative presence would have destroyed us if we hadn't put a stop to it.
 If you have ever wondered what it is like to live your life under the control of an evil demon then
tune in to watch. We hope to inspire others by showing you can come away from an attack like
this maybe a bit scarred, but through the grace of God and a strong family bond you can ultimately
live a normal life. Read our story "CLICK HERE". 
                     A Nightmare In Bridgeport (Back From The Dead)

Coming on Dec 8th 2013 at 9:00 P.M. on Discovery Channel's Destination America they will be re-airing our show A Haunting's  "A Nightmare In Bridgeport" with all new footage never shown before. During the course of the show they will be showing tweets which will have updated information about what has happened since the original airing. We still get e-mails daily from people offering help to our family which is greatly appreciated. 

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We have outlined a number of our most
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Over the years Connecticut Paranormal Investigators has worked with some of  best our field has to offer. Bishop Robert McKenna is a Dominican Bishop residing at Out Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Monroe, CT. An exorcist, the Bishop has been on a number of notable paranormal cases over the years including some that have been turned in to movies such as the Smurl's Haunting in which he performed two exorcism's. This case was later turned in to a Fox made for T.V. movie called The Haunting. Our work with the Bishop continues to this day. He has been with us on many of our cases over the years for which we will be forever indebted for his assisstance.
Father Robert Bailey is Pastor of St. Maria Goretti Parish in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Best known for his appearances on A&E's show Paranormal State. We have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of cases and we appreciate all that he has done for our group.
Brent Allure or Brother Bear is a Shaman from Maine. We utilize Brent when we have situations where we may be dealing with Native American spiritual energy. We always try to respectfully follow tribal traditions and will call him in as needed.
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