Alien Abduction/What do we do
    Records show over 3.7 million people have been abducted

There seems to be no where to hide when it comes to alien abduction. It happens in rural areas and in big cities. Abductees have tried many ways to catch their abductors, but to this date it seems no one method works. Even video doesn't show these alien invaders. Are we all just one large biogenetic experiment.  This may be something we'll never know.

          An Abduction in Connecticut
                        Aliens Enter Home Looking For Child

Investigating Ghost's & UFO'S

                        UFO Sightings Checklist

  • Composure - Stay calm. Remember to take down as much info as possible.
  • Direction - North, South, East or West. Take note of the direction of the sighting.
  • Camera - Cell phone or camera. Take as many pictures as possible.
  • Visual - What does the UFO look like? structure, windows, doors, shape.
  • Speed - Note approximate speed of UFO.
  • Horizen - How high off of the horizen was the UFO.
  • Auditory - Noises. buzzing, hissing, whirling. What did you hear?
  • Time - Take note of the time of day. 
  • Sensations - What are you feeling?Dizzy, sweating,disoriented, paralysis.
  • Odors - What do you smell? Fuel, sulphur, oil.
  • Sense of Taste - During the sighting do you have an unusual sense of taste.

These are some basic guidelines we've put together for you to follow in the event that you have a UFO sighting. If you are in a vehicle during the sighting stay on the main road with traffic. Do not pull off on a less traveled section to get a better look. You do not want to become an abduction statistic. If you would like to report a sighting or an abduction e-mail us at If you've been abducted call 203-521-4814 so a Stargate investigator can come to your location.                                                                            

We recently had a case in Connecticut where a man was at home sleeping in his bed when he saw a blue mist coming from the hallway into his bedroom. He said he felt like he was in a daze when he saw three small beings come into the room and they appeared to be floating in the mist. He describe them as humanoid. His dog had been barking the whole time when all of a sudden he went quite. He thought they killed the dog, but they assured him they didn't and they communicated this to him telepathically. He began to come out of the daze he was in and attempted to get out of the bed. Just as he was starting to get up one of the Gray's put their finger on his chest and rendered him immobile. He could see the being had three fingers and the one finger he put on his chest looked as though it had a round disk on the tip. They asked where his ten year old son was. Luckily he was sleeping at the grandfathers house that night. You can only imagine the horror a parent would feel hearing something like that. He said to the alien who was telepathically speaking to him
"I can't see you". It was at that point  the alien leaned into the bed from the dark
room and the victim saw it's face. It looked like a praying mantis, he said. At that point he started screaming and again tried to get up. The last thing he remembers was one of the aliens commenting on was how strong he was. After that he didn't wake up until the next morning.  To continue
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              A Demon In Alien's Clothing
There are a growing number of people who believe an alien is nothing more than a demon. In other words this is what a demon really looks like. Have we been fooled into believing they are from another planet. I found this article written by Ron Patton. This is the Readers Digest version on the subject. See if you believe. Click Here 

                                                          TO 12D1-3-11-1

                    Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual                  

                    Entities And Technology,
                     Recovery And Disposal
Top Secret/Majic

This is the cover of a manual that turned a lot of non-believers into believers.  A guide book for the military on what to do when they come across extraterrestrials. Is it real or fake. 
Click here to find out.Allow time to download.

      Close Encounters
1st Kind - Visual sighting less then 500ft away.
2nd Kind - Physical - Vehicle stalls, feel discomfort.
3rd Kind - Actually see an alien being.
4th Kind - Human abduction by UFO or occupants.
5th Kind - Direct communication with aliens.
6th Kind - Death of a human or animal from a UFO.
7th Kind - Creation of an alien/human hybrid.


                                Alien Abduction - What To Look For

The following examples have been reported by people who have been abducted. However multiple criteria go into evaluating an abduction experience. These examples do not prove or dis-prove an abduction has happened and should only be used as guidelines.

  1. Witnesses see some sort of craft landed on the ground. They approach the craft in their vehicle when all of a sudden they become aware that the vehicle has either shut off or is pointing in the opposite direction and they don't know how they got there. Loss of time.
  2. Your traveling down the road when all of a sudden you are stopped by a four foot tall rabbit, owl or dear that has a strange appearance. The animal may walk up to the car and stare at the driver or passengers. Your missing time after seeing this.
  3. You wake up in the morning and find that you are in another bed or that your nightclothes are on backwards. You could possibly be sleepwalking, but you also may have just been abducted.
  4. People may experience paranormal activity during and the days following an abduction. Electrical items may not work properly. Doors open and close by themselves. You hear voices telepathically telling you to do things. You see 4-5 inch light orbs floating around your home or any other type of abnormal activity.
  5. You find unexplained bruises, burns, punctures or scoop marks on your body. There is blood on your pillow. You become aware of an alien being in
    your bedroom and your spouse remains unresponsive during the event.

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                                                Stargate UFO Investigations

Stargate UFO Investigationsis a dedicated group of investigators willingto help those who may have experienced an alien event. Have you seen a UFO, been abducted or had an alien interaction? Allow us use our many years of investigative expertise to help you work through probably the most difficult time of your life.  Alien abduction happens to thousands of people every year. Some are aware, but many never remember.  Are you one of these people?
E-mail us at to report your sighting to one of our investigators. Once a phone interview is completed an on site visit may be required to determine exactly what you may have experienced. If you've been abducted any evidence you may have in your possession should not be touched or moved. One of our investigator's will come to your location to secure any objects and take samples as needed to be analyzed by our lab. If you have pictures or video of your extraterrestrial experience we will request copies to take with us. We take UFO investigation very seriously and will do what is necessary to resolve your case.                                                                                                                                                   

Investigating the paranormal can sometimes take amazing turns.  A woman asked us to come out to her home because she was hearing noises at night and believed she saw shadows in her bedroom.  She thought it might be her father who passed away the year before trying to make contact with her. We went to the home fully expecting to conduct a paranormal investigation. That was until she told us the rest of the story. She wasn't even going to bother telling us the 2nd part of the story because she thought it was nothing more then a bad dream. in the dream she would see a bright light in her backyard prior to seeing shadows in her bedroom.   She would go from being in her bed to seeing herself on what she thought was an operating table along with doctors examining her with long instruments. At that point I was trying to come up with a nice way to ask her if she ever heard of alien abduction because it was obvious to me that's what was going on. She was convinced she had a minor paranormal issue along with some bad dreams. This case happened a number of years ago and ended up being a full blown alien abduction case with other family members also being abducted by aliens.

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