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                                                 The Beginning
    Just wanted to bring to the readers attention that Destination Truth's A Haunting ran our show A Nightmare
    In Bridgeport this past week. While the story for the most part follows what happened there are some discrepancies
    between the real story below and the version they told. A Haunting only has an hour to work with so they have to
    come up with a story that stays true to the real version, but still fits in their time frame. So this means the story
    was changed a bit to accomplish this. For instance they said I started ghost hunting 6 years ago when in reality
    I have been doing it for most of my adult life. The story is real so enjoy.

     If you ever wonder what it is like to scream and have nothing come out or have nightmares so intense that you can't wake up
    tune into Discovery Channel's A Haunting on Friday Oct 26th and watch our show A Nightmare In Bridgeport. Let me start
    out with I grew up in this Bridgeport home where I was being terrorized by a demon most of my childhood which lasted until
    I was about eleven years old. Then this same demon came back years later to attack my mother who was still living in the same
    house, but more about that later. The good news is that I turned this negative into a successful child safety business and also
    became a paranormal investigator/demon hunter specializing in cases involving children. Everything I do in my adult life all goes
    back to those dark beginnings. I try to protect those who like me back then are unable to protect themselves. I know what these
    kids are going through because I lived it. I know what it feels like hoping that your parents are going to come to your defense only
    to be completely helpless. They must have felt so helpless knowing that their child is being attacked by something that they can do
    nothing about. The doctor told them it was just a phase I was going through and not to worry about it. Sorry, wrong diagnosis.

    I was a perfectly normal healthy five year old who at the time missed his sister who had started school. I came up with this
    imaginary friend or was it that it came to me. My mother would watch me play with this friend all the time not thinking to
    much about it. It seemed innocent enough and even the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. It was at some point
    between five and six years old where all of this started to turn ugly. My mother remembers that first day I came to her with
    a welt on my arm that looked as if someone had twisted it. I told her that someone else had come with my imaginary friend
    and when I wouldn't do what he said he hurt me. This was the beginning of having the gates of hell open in our little six room
    Cape Cod style home. To look at the house from the outside it looked just like any other house on the street, but after years
    of my own investigating I know you can't judge a book by it's cover. For me to cover this story from start to finish would be
    the makings of a short book. There is so much that happened that you won't see in the show or here for that matter because
    it would be just too long.

    The thing that probably stands out the most for me were the horrible nightmares or as I call them night terrors. There were
    times I would be held down to the bed where the sheets would be pulled so tight I couldn't move or I would hear my name
    being whispered in my ear. Many times I would wake up and try to scream for my father, but nothing would come out. 
    Finally when I could scream hearing my father running to come upstairs was such a great relief it still brings tears to my eyes
    to this day. My parents were at a loss trying to find a way for all this to stop. Sometimes they would come upstairs and I
    would be so traumatized by what I just saw my eyes would be wide open and I would be screaming my head off, but they
    couldn't snap me out of it. They would have to get cold wash cloths and put them on my head to bring me out of it. They
    thought I was in a very deep sleep when in reality I know I was like this from what I was seeing. To this day my mind blocks
    this part of my life out trying to protect me from something it knows I would not be able to deal with if I could see or
    remember it. I could feel this evil being come into the room and I remember trying to fake like I was sleeping. I thought if
    it thought I was asleep it would go away, but somehow it knew I was faking. The one thing this evil SOB didn't realize is
    this skill I developed of being able to sense when it came into the room would be a skill I would turn against it later on. I'll
    get to all of this a little later in the story. I would live like this throughout my childhood constantly living in fear and having
    nightmares almost every night of which I still have to this day. Even my poor dog couldn't escape the wrath  of this entity.
    I would actually see the dog being kicked from behind and it would yelp each time or it would do things like growl and bark
    at nothing. The bizarre part of this is that no one ever thought it's paranormal. I have seen this happen to other families who
    have had similar experiences. I don't know if it's denial or it is so traumatic they don't want to deal with it, but usually by the
    time they call for help many times they have been under attack for a very long time. Oh and how could I forget that evil short
    black hooded thing I would see down in the basement. It had a dark looking face with over exaggerated features and these huge
    eyes. It would often motion for me to come down the stairs and I remember my dog barking ferociously at it. I have have found
    as a paranormal investigator when you have evil in your home it's not unusual to see a number of different entities of all shapes
    and sizes.

    This next part defies all logic unless you are the one it happens to. It was early one morning and I was seven years old.
    I was sleeping on the first floor of the house at this time in a back bedroom next to my parents room. It was about
    6:30 A.M. and my father was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I was playing with some toys on my bed waiting
    to say goodbye to him. I looked up toward the doorway and all of a sudden I see this hand come around the door frame.
    I'm not talking about a human hand. This hand had very long fingers and I distinctly remember the long straggly hair
    growing off the fingers. I again could sense this thing was nearby before it even came to the door, but this was the only
    time I can remember actually seeing it even though I know I saw it many times before. Once the hand came around the
    door this evil looking troll like head looked around the doorway at me. I remember the skinny arms and huge oversize
    head again with the scraggly sporadic hair, but only patches of it. It almost reminded me of a freaky looking clown. I
    could see in it's face it was drawing great pleasure knowing how much it was scaring me. It had a smile from ear to ear.
    I took one of my toys and threw it at it. When I did this it ducked behind the door. Then it looked around again so I
    threw another toy at it. It again ducked behind the door when I did this. Now the third time I was out of toys to throw
    and at this point I can remember my whole body trembling and I started trying to scream, but nothing would come out.
    There was this long pause which seemed like it took forever where we both just stared at each other, but I know it was
    probably only 30 seconds. That's when it smiled really big. I could see a mouth full of what looked like shark teeth.
    This thing was enjoying every minute of this. It was at that point where I found my voice and began screaming for my
    father. He was in the bathroom no more then 15 feet away from where this was happening. Once he heard me screaming
    he opened the bathroom door. At the same time I heard the bathroom door opening this being slipped back into the hallway.
    To this day I don't know how my father didn't see anything, but he didn't. When he came into the room he stepped on the
    toys that I threw and hurt his foot. This is how I know this wasn't a dream. He actually stepped on the toys I threw. You
    can't make that part up. I accused him of wearing a mask and trying to scare me, but he told me I must have had a nightmare
    and that I should just go back to sleep. I probably did just that. At that age if your parents tell you nothing happened you
    believe them.

    At this point you must be thinking boy this poor kid must be suffering from some form of psychosis. He must have
    grown up in a mental institution where they throw away the key. The fact is there was nothing wrong with me. I was
    a victim just like so many others who suffer at the hands of inhuman entities, but unlike others this kid grew up to be
    a demon hunter. Unlike others I would start going after these bastards doing everything I could to make their existence
    here a living hell and backing down from nothing. Who knew 45 years later I would go up against the same entity that
    made my life a living hell when it started attacking my mother right after my father died. She still lived in the same
    house all these years later. The one mistake the demon made is this time is I had already spent years dealing with scum
    like this and I had a big surprise planned. I had spent years working with some of the best demon hunters in the business
    and worked hand in hand with a world renowned exorcist Bishop Robert McKenna who taught me skills I still use to this
    day. I actually have a picture of the face of this thing which was taken during our initial investigation. Once my mother saw
    this picture she moved out leaving everything behind including her car in the garage. She will not go back there. Once I
    knew my mother was out of danger that's when the gloves came off. I had the house to myself. This was war.