Children And The Paranormal

                                                                              Updated 8-4-12

Has your child ever experienced  nightmares or come to you with claims of hearing voices or seeing someone in their
bedroom at night? Have you told them not to worry it's just a bad dream or their overactive imagination? This is a
common occurance with many children and in most cases it probably does relate to a bad dream they've had or
something on t.v. It's happened to all of us at one time or another. However I can tell you from first hand experience
that it's not always a bad dream. Sometimes paranormal events do intersect with our lives and with children being so
perceptive and vunerable they can see and hear what we as adults can't. Many times negative entity's or even human
spirits will attempt to make contact through a child. Unfortunately it's not always Aunt Tilly who is trying to make contact.
A human spirit who was a mean person while alive doesn't change once their dead. Especially if their spirit is trapped here
with us. Many times spirits who led an unholy life here on earth will not cross over. They know what awaits on the other
side. You have to pay for your sins and knowing this they try to stay here with us. When we do something that upsets thier
world that's when they lash out at us. We might decide it's time to do some construction projects in the home. Sounds like
a good idea, right. Not if you have a nasty spirit or negative entity hanging around. They might lay there dormant for years,
but once you do the wrong thing they go on the attack. It could be something as simple as knocks on the wall or progress to
objects being thrown around the room. The most important thing to remember is to stand your ground right from the start.
Let them know that it is your home and they are not welcome there. Believe it or not this can work. Never challange a spirit
or try to confront it by calling it out. You never know know what you are dealing with. If it is a demonic or strong negative
entity it will take you on if challanged. Chances are if you have children they will be the targets of your challange. This is so
typical of evil beings. They are cowards and will for the most part pick on children or when they choose to torment an adult
it is almost always a situation where the person is mentally weak or very ill and doesn't have the stamina to fight back. Be
aware of the imaginary friend. Thier not always that cute little playmate that your child made up. If your child tells you about
an imaginary friend and then that friend starts to scare the child or suddenly turns into an animal call us. We have found over
the years when an imaginary friend starts to scare a child it is almost always paranormal. Don't try to diagnose the problem
yourself. Like anything else in life when we have a problem we can't fix we call the experts. This is no different. We know
how to deal with the paranormal and children. Here are some things to look out for.

1. All of a sudden an imaginary friend comes into the picture and this coincides with paranormal activity.

2. In almost all cases the imaginary friend starts out innocent enough, but one day takes an evil turn.

3. Your child suddenly begans to alienate themselves from the rest of the family.

4. Nightmares that are over the top with graphic details about something trying to hurt them.

5. Seeing animals in their dreams with sharp teeth.

6. Hearing new words for the first time that don't fit your child, especially swear words.

7. Talking about incidents or people in the past that you know they have never experienced.

8. Let your child know you are there for them. Never doubt their story it could be true.

When we are on an investigation involving a child we have to be very careful not to mistake real life events for paranormal
ones. Young children many times will have trouble telling you the real story about what's going on around them. This is
where an experienced investigator comes into play. We have to pick apart what is real and what is fantasy. It really is quite
amazing in many instances once we show up everything just goes away. It's not that we have rid the house of evil spirits by
conducting our investigation. Once the child see's that we're not afraid of what their going through and we show them how
to deal with it they will have more confidence and will tend to ignore all those little noises that seemed so horrible before.
Remember about 85% of the time we will find a logical explanation for what they are experiencing. We don't ghosthunt,
we debunk. However there still is that 15% where we will find things really are happening. Then it is our job to find what
might be stimulating the activity and try to find a way to resolve it. Parent's don't be afraid to call us when you think your
experiencing paranormal activity. We've heard it all so don't think your story is so strange that no one could ever understand.
In the paranormal world anything goes. Remember it may seem bizarre to us, but to a ghost it's just another day.
If your child says they are hearing voices at night you can go out and buy a digital recorder for $30.00 and let it run all night
in their room. If you don't pick up any voices this will help prove to them that it's nothing to worry about. If they tell you they
see something coming out of the closet let a video camera run facing the closet. When you are able to show them that nothing
is happening it will more then likely just go away. If you happen to pick up any activity while conducting these experiments then
give us a call. The paranormal is best left to people who deal with it on a regular basis. Don't try anything on your own. You
never know what you might be dealing with and can actually make things much worse. Lastly, try to have patience with your
child and remember even if it is their imagination it's still very real to them. 

Give us a call and we will help you determine if it's paranormal.     203-521-4814