Spiritual Contacts



        Bishop Robert McKenna
   Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

We are blessed to be receiving spiritual advice from Bishop Robert McKenna. The Bishop maybe best known in the paranormal world for his work performing exorcism's with Ed & Lorraine Warren. He has performed over 125 exorcism's and is for the most part retired from the field. However he is helping us with some of our more difficult cases involving negative and demonic entities. When we are on difficult cases just knowing he is behind us spiritually gives us all that we need to make it through.
The photo left shows the Bishop blessing a home in Bridgeport believed to have a demonic entity.




            Father Robert Bailey

         Father Robert Bailey is pastor of St.
         Maria Goretti Parish in Pawtucket, 
         RI. He is best known for his appearences 
         on A&E's show Paranormal
         State. Father Bailey is a warrior against
         all that is evil. He is willing to stand
         at hell's door if necessary to complete his
         mission in crushing the devil and all those
         who help him. Being able to work with 
         Father Bailey is a learning experience 
         each and everytime. We thank him for his 
Picture left is Bob Baker and Father Bob
         and was taken at a recent function they 
         both attended in Windsor, CT. Note orb
         over Bob's head.